New drawings HEART TIME

“heart time” versus “hard time”

Through the Covid 19 retreat – as I call it – I started working on a new series of drawings. 
I call the name of the series “heart time” versus “hard time”. We have the choice how we use this time, how we deal with it.
Do we succumb to our fears, worries, doubts? Do we create further dramas in this uncertain time of drama? Or are we deciding for a time of introspection? For directing attention inwards, for identifying fear? For dealing with loneliness, doubts, belief patterns ? 
We are all ONE on this planet and it is time to take responsibility, to think and to change from ME to WE.
It is time to rethink our individual lives, as well as reassess our dizzying pace. 
STOP, BREATHE! How do we live on in the constant of uncertainty and unpredictability?
I have literally gone to the heart and surrendered to the wonder of this organ – a quantum field – the centre where duality dissolves and we have direct access to true energy. 

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