Project on request

Color concepts
„Color is my life and when I think of architecture as the body of a room, then color would have to be the soul.“ „Daily life is certainly not meant to be grey“.
Homes and business premises can be quickly and effectively transformed with the artful application of color. I selectively introduce color to the design of both interior and exterior spaces.
Since my childhood I have been fascinated by people, in particular, their faces. With a portrait I attempt to capture the uniqueness of a person’s character. When creating

a three-dimensional piece, ‘heads’ are modelled live in my studio while the rest of the sculpture evolves as a result of my personal perception of the model. 
When creating a „painted portrait“, a meeting with the subject/person together with a photograph provide me with sufficient direction.

Art on request
The works are asked out of my work ranges and I react on architecture, on space size and light conditions. This can be a business or a private request. Mostly I realize a special size of the art work for the client in reaction to architecture.


Graph. Anstalt J.E. Wolfensberger, Birmensdorf (CH)
Beachmountain, Jelmoli Zürich (CH)
Allianz Suisse, Generalagentur Josef Weber, Sursee (CH)
Allianz Suisse, Generalagentur R. Ueltschi, Zürich (CH)
Kantonsspital Wolhusen, Gebärabteilung (CH)
Kantosspital Obwalden/Sarnen, Gebärabteilung (CH)
Sorell Hotel Seefeld, Zürich (CH)
Coiffina AG, Allschwil (CH)
Coiffina AG, Mutschellen (CH)
Coiffina AG, Dietikon (CH)
Hotel Aarehof AG, Wildegg (CH)

COSBA, Zürich (CH)
Geschäfts- und Wohnhaus, Aarau (CH)
Gemeinschaftspraxis Weber/Künzi, Zürich (CH)
Hotel/ Restaurant Gempenblick, Reinach (CH)
MCL, Med. Laboratorien, Düdingen (CH)
Praxis Dr. med. Zehntner, St.Gallen (CH)
Ruedi Gysin AG, Filiale Dufourstrasse, Zürich (CH)
„Stiftung für das Tier im Recht“
Anwaltskanzlei Dr. A. F. Goetschel, Zürich, (CH)
TecOps (Technical Operation Service GmbH), München (D)
Different private objects in Zurich, Zollikon and environment