Inner life
These group is coming out of the East-West project. Just a different perspective – a travel inside my organs. I am going for a new technique, a new color world and a new form language. The acrylic colors are painted in many layers till the moment you only see an imagination of the form. The last layer is an lacquer which gives the work a special space deepness.

In the drawings you find the symbolic language – the organic forms get reduced to symbol and color.
This are limited editions out of the original paintings. The fotographed image is printed on a special ground I developed myself. Every print is unique as the foundation is hand made.

A project I developed over years: The study of the human body was and is still a passion. When the human body is reduced to its most basic elements, it is always geometric forms that immerge. The forms I destillated, you will find in the paintings. This group is based on a scientifique view or on anatomic studies.

The drawings are fragments and show the „form finding process“. I diminish the anatomic studies to basic forms and signs. They are creating the „form vocabulary“ for the paintings.

Light objects
An interplay of color, form and light – a duality of materials becoming one. These are objects reduced to symbols and colors – concrete artworks. Some object are developed for the groundfloor and they are made fully of coloured Plexi-glass and light source.

Energy fields
The paintings are a result of many layers of color, many of which were self-made from various pigments. The reflection of light on the surface of the paintings awakens ever new fascinating color nuances.
This collection of 6 seriegraphies are colorspaces I called Horizonts.

The sculptures are an going process in the various groups on the threedimensional level. The bone sculptures I call „Substance of existence“ are coming out from the East-West project. The sculptures „anemones foam“ are ongoing results out of the range „inner lifes“ following the East-West project.