Garda Alexander

was born in Germany and since 1990 Zurich (CH) is her home base. The artistic focus is in painting, sculpture and spatial concepts. Garda’s career is very versatile, as well as her artistic education: she graduated in different countries. Her study in human medicine (D) influenced her work significantly; through her research she created a symbolic or geometric form language. “Colour and form together create a language, a pattern in the space of time”.

The Academy stay in Colombia (South America), as the guest year at the School of Fine Arts & Design in Bratislava (Slovakia) with Prof. Fischer has influenced her artistic expression in colour and form. Characteristic are the various work groups, which she has developed over the years, resumed and further processed.

The spirit of inquiry and curiosity of Garda Alexander drives her to explore new materials and techniques and also to use a special technique or material to express her view or perspective.

“Playing with the timeless elements of colour and light – I have been fascinated for many years – as well as their interplay with form and their dissolution. For me form belongs to the world of matter, and therefore to time, while light and colour are timeless.“

The new work group „Inner life“ shows predominantly organic forms: a sensitive, delicate, vulnerable, poetic perspective. A journey through her body. And in the expression of sculpturing she shows in this work range the inspiration out of the sea – her journey in diving – connected to the human brain, seeds creating the future.

Through several study visits to China, the artist has dealt with the Far Eastern teachings and philosophy. This knowledge flows in the artistic work, as well as in the commissions of colour concepts in the private and business sector. In the ” Kunst am Bau ” she has realized projects mainly in form of colour design.

Colour, form and light are the creative elements of concrete art and, in combination with space, they provide the foundation Garda Alexander’s work is based on. “Colour is like music – a certain frequency or wavelength – which reaches the human being on different planes and can speak to us in many different ways.” Her work is inspired by nature and the reduced  language of her paintings in the art range „East-West/Substance“ for example shows the process of abstraction and the ability of Garda Alexander to destillate form and colour out of nature.

Art Work

The art work hold various groups: energy field/tracks / light object / substance and Inner life. Typical for Garda’s art is on one side the figurative or organic form and on the other side the reduction, the geometric form. The “energy field/track” show colour fields and with the plane of light the colours are perceived differently, as in the group of the light object.

In the east-west/substance range you see the form finding process through the studies of the human body – a scientific view. The work group “Inner life” shows more the poetic oder lyric perspective in form of a journey through the organs as the artist said. The work themes are in constant development and often the artist is working parallel on different subjects.


The sculptures are an ongoing process in the various themes on the threedimensional level. The bone sculptures called „Substance of existence“ are coming out from the

East-West project. The sculptures „anemones foam/seeds” are ongoing results out of the range „inner life“ following the East-West project.

Project on request

Garda’s art work is also asked on request in communication to architecture in the private and business sector. Colour concept is the other field Garda Alexander is reacting to architecture, form and light: „Colour is my life and when I think of architecture as the body of a room,

then colour is the soul”.  Another sector on request are the modeled portraits. The person/model sits live in the studio – the artist is working on clay and afterwards the modeled clay portrait will be casted in bronze.